The Curiosity of the Yogis

Thousands of years ago, man became curious about the purpose of living and their origin. These were people with a common question of Who am I? Where am I from? and Where am I going?  Finding the answers to these questions became the purpose of their lives.

Over a period of thousands of years, such like-minded men down generations observed their surroundings to find the answers to these questions. One of the first things they discovered around them were the 5 elements of Nature; earth, water, fire, air and space.  They further discovered the principles of these five elements, and the balance that kept them working in harmony with each other.  They then gained insight into the forces of Nature in relation to the human body, mind and its mechanisms.

It became very clear to them that the universe is the expression of the creator.  It is the manifestation of energy, and humans have all the universal energies unified within themselves. Once this was understood, the next purpose of these people was to unite with the Supreme Being, who is the creator, the beholder and the destroyer of everything.

The method of uniting with the Divine was codified and structured over thousands of years by experimenting on all the faculties and mechanics of the mind and the body.  The ultimate aim was to seek the universal soul hidden behind the veils of our being.  The various practices that were discovered and carried out to fulfill this purpose are known as Yoga or union.

Yoga is the science that deals mainly with the mechanics of the body, the mind and their behaviors patterns.  It is a gift to humanity, and must be understood and practiced by every human in his own capacity in order to live life with the awareness of his mental, physical and spiritual capacities. 

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