The Sufi Way

According to Sufi Junaid, the most brutal disease of  humans is FEAR, also known as WORRY. It arises due to a complete dependence on one's own self, when one considers themselves as independent. 


Independence is a false belief. It is an ego trip, it is what the nature of the ego is.

Give it a thought! WHO IS SAYING THIS? The ego.  The ego wants to keep everything in it's territory and control. It survives because of it's possessions, it's self identity.  It is the seat of self assertiveness; ME, MINE, MYSELF.   It is what separates one from others.

It is the faculty that separates people from each other, wanting to give itself credit for all that it possesses, and all that it has earned.  It's favorite dialogue is; “I AM, YOU ARE NOT”.

When a desire is unfulfilled, the ego calls upon his dearest friend IMPATIENCE.

Impatience then uses it's favorite weapons, whatever that may be, depending upon each individual's tendencies.  In most cases, this is ANGER.

Anger is the result of an unfulfilled desire. It is a forceful attempt of the ego that emerged from the fear of not being able to posses the desire, or of not being in control of a situation.

A Sufiyogi  does not give any importance to the ego. He knows it's falsity in relation to the outside world. He knows that it is there but he is not identified with it.  Instead of battling the ego, he has chosen to drown himself in the ocean of LOVE.  

The ego has been consumed by the power of love. It no longer has space to breathe.  It has completely surrendered to love; more powerful, more ecstatic than anything.  The ego hates to surrender. There is a complete disappearance; no names, no forms. It is SO drunk in the ecstasy of love that it looses it's own identity... It is one with the whole. 

Now the ego has united with the heart. It is completely identified with the unchanging and eternal. Complete identification with the real has taken place and it has disappeared into everything; it is interdependent with the whole.

Sufism is the path of INTERDEPENDENCY.  Everything is interrelated; nothing is independent.

Can the tree be independent from the earth?

Can the tree say NO to the sun?

The tree grows from the earth and moves towards the sun; It is interdependent with the earth and the sun.

Would you be able to live without inhaling air from outside to breathe?

Everything is interdependent.  The sun, the moon, the earth, the water, the air, and all of humanity are interrelated.

I am not in favor of making you independent. It is not possible. We can try all of our lives to be independent, and some day we will realize that all of our efforts have only lead us to more trouble, more baggage, more accumulated worries. This is because we have been thinking that we are the source of all that is and all that has been in our past. This prevents us from creating harmony within ourselves.

SUFISM is the path to realize the forces of the universe. It is the potential of humanity, the power of unity, the feeling of expansion, and the circle of giving and receiving.  There is no beginning and there is no end.  Interdependency is possible.  Becoming one is possible, which allows all of the falsity of life to drop by itself.  Only then can you have an understanding of life and how to be interrelated with everything that IS….not just in the mind, but also in the subtle body.

Now you can become whatever you would like. You will not be affected by anything. Emotions will simply come and go, like clouds in the sky. You can remain a witness to this coming and going. When you want to become that which has arisen, you will be it.  When you do not, you can simply witness and smile at it while it passes through your consciousness. What is coming is going; nothing accumulates.  You become the ocean and anything that comes to the shore plunges into the waves; it gets drawn into the ocean of Infinitude and dissolved in it……

You can have success in anything once you are in sync with the ocean of the heart.  It is not the physical heart, but behind this.  It is the heart behind the state of waking, sleeping and dreaming. It is what brings us to life everyday. It is what gives us the power to say yes to life……..


I call upon everything that is living to see the  mysterious picture of all that is and unite with the self, with others and with the universe.  That is the purpose of sufiyoga.

It is a promise of pure ecstacy, joy, love and harmony.

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