Sufism is neither a religion nor a cult nor a sect. Nor is it only from the East or from the West. It stands for wisdom and has always led the path to the ultimate knowledge – Truth. A true Sufi senses the Divine Presence in all things created; his is an attitude of inner sympathy towards all beliefs.
Sufism makes no demand on the self, rather it is all for the complete negation of the ego. It has no religious obligations. It regards spirituality as the religion of the heart. 

Sufism is the path that leads you to the realization of the forces of the universe, the potential of humanity, the power of unity, the feeling of expansion and the circle of receiving and giving. There is no beginning and there is no end. Only a complete disappearance into the eternal and becoming one with the universe is possible. Then all the false notions of life disappear. Sufism is the way of love and this journey cannot be understood through reading; it has to be experienced by us within ourselves. 

You Can Know The House And What It Contains Only By Entering Into It. This House Your Heart!

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