The Revolution

Sufi Yoga is the union of Sufi practices and the universal science of Yoga.  It is one of the most effective methods to unravel the mysteries of the universal life forces and the interrelatedness of humanity with these forces.

Sufi Yoga is an insight beyond the limitations of the mind that can be utilized for any purpose in life which results in a state of complete balance with the whole. It helps cultivate strength, creativity, positivity, self-esteem, confidence, enthusiasm and wisdom.  A person practicing Sufi Yoga strives for harmony within himself, with others and with the universe. It is a discipline that is not limited to any religion, race, colour or creed, but is an invitation to humanity as a whole to unite together in the ideals of Peace and Wisdom. These ideals belong to the human race in its entirety. It is the way of the heart and cannot be realized through intellect alone but must be experienced within.


Hand in hand, Sufi Yoga results in a person who is physically and mentally in shape, and spiritually and emotionally free.

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