Some Examples

Sufi Yoga training is meant to be applied in life as well as in the solitude of One’s inner being.  One example of an exercise that is of immense value in life is known as divided attention, which is a kind of inner detachment from the scene in front of you. It is a short practical exercise that can be used at any place any time - in a meeting at work, facing a stressful situation in a relationship, or with a sudden shock or disappointment.

A related training of Sufi Yoga is the awareness of an inner presence.  This is a practice of  creating a harmonious field of energy that allows you to determine your actions within that energy field. It is like being in the center of your field of action in a state of calm repose and poise, aware of your surroundings and aware of yourself at the same time. This opens up the possibility of responding to circumstances as opposed to reacting to them.

One practical technique that is suited to everyone and is essential to remaining calm and balanced in the world is the conscious breath. This is a simple way of keeping your energy charged and concentrated. With the help of an experienced Teacher the Sufiyogi learns to keep a part of his/her attention focused on the movement of the breath within. Like having a constant companion, one establishes a vital friendship with the breath and with the life force itself.

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