Practices for everyone

Sufi Yoga is a combination of Yogic and Sufi practices and as such there are a variety of different types of exercises suited for people with different strengths and weaknesses. Under the guidance of the Teacher each individual can learn the exercises that suit him best for his/her own individuality. There are practices for active people, practices for people who are more passive, exercises for people who seek physical strength, and techniques for self-confidence and emotional wellbeing. There are practices that you can do at home, in a group or individually which include Yoga postures, breathing techniques, using the power of sound, as well as spontaneous movements. There are exercises that you can commit time to, and exercises that you can apply in day-to-day activities in just a few minutes.
There are practices for the mind body and emotions. What makes Sufi Yoga unique is its emphasis is on engaging and balancing all the centres, giving attention to the whole and reminding the spirit of its natural state of Unity. 


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