Living Sufi Yoga

Modern life demands a lot of our attention. It takes and takes and takes everything that we have and more. Lifeʼs interest is to keep us engaged in fulfilling its expectations.  It is rare that we are able to do justice to all that demands our attention. We cannot possibly keep up with all our commitments at our personal best. We are left feeling guilty, emptied out and discouraged.

Ordinarily our whole life and all of our energy is spent trying to strike a balance between our relationships, our responsibilities, our work and goals and our personal needs. But this balance never seems to come about. Rather than a sense of completion and accomplishment we are often playing a game of catch up, stressed out and ill at ease

The Sufi Yogi understands how to optimize the utilization of energy and maintain a natural equilibrium within the various centers of his/her entire being. He/she is aware of the need to keep the attention focused to avoid distractions and drains on the energy. By directing the attention we can manage our energy better and act with power and certainty. Most of the time we are so involved in trivial external circumstances and distractions that we loose ourselves completely in reacting to them.  All of our energy is then wasted within a few minutes, and we are left with a lethargic, scattered and uneasy state of mind. Living Sufi Yoga is a means to self-mastery and the first steps are practices of attention and awareness.

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