Can Sufi Yoga cure illness?

The Sufi Yoga approach to illness is based on the law of vibration. Physical illness is the manifestation of an energetic imbalance in the subtle bodies.  The scientific approach of Sufi Yoga focuses primarily on releasing blocked energy that creates a negative vibration within the body. By practicing various physical Yogic exercises, energy in the form of emotional imbalances, stress, fatigue, anger or illness is released. This energy is then transformed into highly powerful, positive vibration through Sufi practices which make use of deep breathing, the power of the voice and spontaneous movements.

One can learn to channelize this powerful energy and focus it on the root of the illness. The body and the mind will simply respond to the attention focused on wanting to cure the illness.

Sufi Yoga meditation allows us to go deep within and through a clear intent and pure will, concentrate on the core of the disease and can help cure it. This approach of Sufi Yoga is holistic in nature, as it relates to the universal law of vibration.

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