Benefits of Sufi Yoga

1. Sufi Yoga will increase the motivational power to realize your purpose and goals in life; a motivation that will give you strength of will and mental clarity to meet life’s challenges.

2. Sufi Yoga transforms negative emotions and channelizes their creative power into a positive direction.

3. Knowledge taken from the Yogic disciplines will give you the power to realize your full potential and attain physical vitality.

4. Sufi Yoga helps to create in you the willingness to relate to the world in your own positive terms, to affirm life, your relationships and your profession and feel good about it.

5. Yoga gives you power through the sources of nature. Sufi practices resonate those powers with the heart, give them shape and help you to develop the right relationship with yourself, God and others.

6. Sufiyoga training releases energy in the body and channels this energy to higher centers of the subtle body restoring the connection with your higher self

7. Hand in hand, Sufi practices and Yogic science mould you into a person who is physically and mentally in shape, in harmony with yourself and your life, spiritually and emotionally free.

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