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An introductory workshop into Sufi Yoga, its background and its practical application.

As a participant, you will be taught the basic fundamentals of Sufi Yoga practices: yoga asanas and pranayama, power of the voice, Sufi breathing techniques with music and ecstatic movements, pranic healing and Self liberating Inner Work which frees up our indwelling spiritual energies. Your Teachers are Sufi Junaid and Bhaijan, Richard L. Willis- a Master of Yogic Disciplines and Sufism. They invite you on a journey of the Spirit, calling forth your Higher Selves while at the same time offering practical strategies for your personal every day challenges. Sufi Yoga aims to give you all the practical tools for spiritual well being- for living a life of Higher Purpose while being full on yet balanced in a world of increasing demands and distractions.

This workshop is unique in that it involves Yoga and Sufi practices for individuals as well as group exercises which combine to purify and invigorate the vitality, deepen our self awareness and understanding of others and remove the obstacles which stand in the way of Self Realization. Ancient disciplines of Sadhana are modified to meet the modern dilemmas caused by stressed energy and blocked emotions which make our individual achievements more difficult and our relationships problematic. At the end of the workshop you will have experienced first hand the benefits of Sufi Yoga to your health and well being and will have learned a few basic practices that can be done on your own enabling you to move through the world with more poise, self confidence and spiritual sensitivity. Pure Spirit in Action.

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