The universe, and everything that is created is for a common purpose. If we look at creation, all that is created moves either within itself or has physical movement in the outside world. This movement is in a particular direction, and is called growth, evolution, change or journey. All movement is governed by the laws of interdependency that link the forces of Nature together.

The trees move towards the sun and their roots spread out in the direction of water. The sun rises to create the morning so as to give life and create activity in the world, and the moon takes over to create harmony in nature and settle the activity down. These can be compared to the human being, wherein the body grows and changes and the intellect evolves. There is need for activity and rest. This is the cycle of life. The mind, the body and the nature of the soul are all interconnected with the nature of the universe.

Everything grows because of certain principles. The hands and feet do not grow independently, disconnected from our body. They grow in unison. All creation moves in synchronicity, and an interdependence with the forces of nature determines this movement. We as humans have not yet learned or realized this interdependency with the whole.

This is why we are currently moving in a direction of mass destruction and chaos. It is because of the presence of the ego, our animalistic instincts and our selfish being. All of these things are negative and have no place in Nature. Nature knows no negativity; it is very simple. Our mind makes it complicated and our association with our senses brings in illusory information.

Modern life is focused on giving attention to worldly matters that keep changing. We are so involved in competing with others and comparing ourselves against each other that we loose ourselves; we loose our true nature. Our lives revolve around material wealth and everything that comes with it and we consider this to be the true meaning and aspiration of life. However this is only leading us away from our true purpose in Life.

Humans play a very important role in keeping the universe in harmony, as our thoughts, actions and way of living directly impact our environment. It thus becomes imperative to create an atmosphere that supports and encourages positivity within ourselves. This will naturally create a harmonious atmosphere around us.

Sufi Junaid envisions a life ofHigher Purpose where humanity is connected to the interdependent forces of nature both within and outside of us. The intention of Sufi Yoga is to help us realize this interdependency and to enjoy everything thatthe connection to our Higher Purpose brings.

Sufi Yoga practices shed light on the science of these higher laws, principles and forces of the universe in relation to our own human experience. Understanding these laws and being in harmony with them brings contentment and peace. This knowledge can be used for any purpose in life - for one's own wellbeing, that of others and for the world around us. This is the vision of Sufi Yoga.

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