When the mind is stressed and overworked, it looses its effectiveness. Our busy and distracted way of life and the problems of relationships create conflicts between the mind, body and emotions, resulting in confusion, emotional and physical imbalances, disharmonious relationships and a general negative attitude towards life. Unfortunately this is how most people live on a daily basis. We lack a real sense of vitality, mental calm and harmony in our Lives. This is the primary area of focus in the beginning phase of Sufi Yoga: restoring harmony of mind, body, emotion and spirit.

Sufi Yoga uses the breath, the power of sound and voice, spontaneous ecstatic movements and physical exercises, emotional and mental clearing processes and techniques from the Yoga and Sufi Masters to create the optimum functioning of the mind and body, a higher energy state and an overall balance within ourselves. This in turn reflects positively on our relationship with the outside world leading to an experience of harmonious interdependency and a sense of oneness and unity.

Our aim is to create peace and harmony within ourselves, with others and with the entire universe.

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