Bhaijan Richard Willis - Teaching Experience

Today Bhaijan divides his time between London, India and Zurich, where he heads the Open Secret Center for Yogic Disciplines.   Richard is the founder of the Open secret in Zurich where he teaches yoga and meditation, guides personal Transformation and provides training in Self-Management and Inner Resources Development. He has coached the top management of companies such as Credit Swiss, ABB, Siemens, UBS, IDream and Nokia among others.

He has been teaching and guiding students along the path to Self-realization for more than 30 years and now leads Inner Work meditation seminars for managers and business leaders. Several times each year he invites sincere seekers for the spirit to the Curve of Silence retreats in India and in the Alps.  In response to the need to make Eastern wisdom relevant, he developed the Inner Work - a clear and effective Teaching for all seekers of Self Realization.

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